Act with the individuals, families and the community is to establish a relationship of reciprocity of giving and receiving that requires rights and imposes duties.

The volunteer program “Ser voluntário é ser +” emerged from the need to structure and define the terms under which the voluntary work is developed at 5sensi, since some people who have contacted us, demonstrated interest in developing voluntary work.
It intends to be a program that will help to ensure that all who wish to develop volunteering at 5sensi, ensure the well-being, security and privacy of the patients.



Volunteer Work - set of actions of social and community interest, held out by unselfishly persons, in projects, programs and other forms of intervention in the service of individuals, families and the community, developed without profit purposes by public or private entities(de acordo com o art.º 2.º da Lei n.º 71/98, de 3 de Novembro).

It is serving individuals, families and communities, helping to improve the quality of life and well-being of populations.
It TRANSLATES INTO a set of actions of social and community interest, performed selflessly, expressing volunteer work.
It DEVELOPS through projects and programs of public and private entities with conditions to integrate volunteers, involving the promoters.
It CORRESPONDS to a free and voluntary decision supported by personal motivations and choices that characterize the volunteer.

To join in the program "Ser Voluntário é Ser +"

Contact by phone, e-mail or personally at the premises. You can also do it through the item Recruitment, by completing the form available.