Home Care Services

Home Care Services

Enjoy a food service adapted to your needs and preferences. The customer has at its disposal, either at lunch and dinner, two dishes of his choice (meat or fish).


The home support service is a social response that consists in providing personalized care at the patient’s home, when by a reason of illness, disability or other impediment, can´t ensure permanent or temporary, the satisfaction of their basic needs and/or activities of daily living.

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Distribution of meals at home
Hygiene Care and personal comfort
Acts of nursing (dressings, administration injections, among others)
Housing Hygiene
Treatment of clothes
Follow up with the customer to the outside (consultations, medical exams, hairdresser, among others)
Help Hiring technical aids (articulated beds, wheelchairs, toilet chair, etc)

Meet the basic needs of customers
Contribute to delay or prevent institutionalization
Contribute to the maintenance of the customer in their housing
Collaborate with providing access to health care

People who require services for reasons of sickness, disability or other impediments