Social Responsibility

Being an organization dedicated to the care of people, the 5sensi,has implemented a policy of social responsibility, to meet the needs of users and family members who enjoy the valences that we have available.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR ) is the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns into daily operations of organizations and in interaction with all the interested parties. It is a way to contribute to society in a positive way and to manage their social and environmental impacts of the organization as a way to ensure and increase competitiveness.

When we talk of CSR, we speak, typically of the recycling of household waste and industrial, recycling of toner cartridges, plastic and paper, but also respect for people with whom you live daily and still support that lends itself to society.

A socially responsible organization has in mind, in which decisions are being made, the community where it belongs and the environment where it operates. There are those who argue that the organizations, such as engine of economic development, technological and human, are only fully realizes when they consider in its activity the respect for human rights, the investment in personal development, the protection of the environment, the fight against corruption, compliance with social standards and respect for values and ethical principles of society to which they belong". (Portal da Empresa - Portugal).

Thus, as an organization with social responsibility, 5sensi, has available for patients and family members the following services:
1. Delivery of the harvest specimen carried out in the hematology unit at the Hospital of Barcelos.
- All the patients admitted to the Unit, requiring blood control, don`t need to be transported by ambulance for the blood sample be collected. It is carried out by the service of Hematology of the Hospital of Barcelos that collects the blood in the Unit and is delivered by a technician at the same service.

2. Delivery of applications to Social Security services, by the social service Unit.
- The social service of the Unit provides support with filling in the application forms for benefits/social benefits and after meeting all required documents these are delivered to the Social Security services.

3. Free shuttle Service the unit to the train station of Barroselas and vice versa.
- Given the location of our Unit, public transport and difficulties were experienced by family members and friends when moving to our Unit, so we created a free shuttle service, to facilitate visits to users admitted in our Unit. The service works in a first phase, only on weekdays at the following times:
Station of Barroselas/Unit: 14h45
Unit/Station of Barroselas: 17h45